3 August, 2016


We know the needs and challenges of Small to Medium Size Manufacturers. We also know that the vast majority of new, exciting and progressive products are invented and produced in smaller companies. We constantly seeks to discover products that can really make a difference.

The first thing that we do is help the Manufacturer find a Distribution Network for their product. The best choice may be a Distributor or a team of Manufacturer’s Representatives, or even direct Corporate Accounts. Depending on the size and location of the territory or the number of countries involved, it could be some combination of the above. Of course, if you are on the Distribution side, we will search and select available Manufacturers interested in your services.

Once the Distribution Channel has been selected, we then mediates the negotiation of conditions, compensations and finally contracts between the Manufacturer and the Distribution entity.

Lastly, we will maintain an oversight management of the relationship between the Manufacturer and its Distribution Network. We are¬†willing to create a “turn-key” relationship and turn management over 100% to the Manufacturer or co-manage with the Manufacturer or let the Manufacturer go “hands-off” and assume full management of the relationship. It’s up to the Manufacturer. Each Small to Medium Size Manufacturer has its own style.